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2024 Bull Draft


The Rafter KL Bovine Performance Center Bull Draft is a concept we have put together to offer the very best Performance Yearling Prospects from our entire crop of bull calves. We will specifically select the best fifteen (15) calves from our program that will be available for the draft. You will purchase a draft position for a dollar figure (listed below) and that will be the order in which draft position owners select their bull. On Draft Day, we will buck the calves LIVE for all draft position owners to watch in person. At the conclusion of the Draft Buck Day, position owners will select their picks in order of which spot they have purchased. You will own 100% of the bull you draft with no additional cost. The 2024 Bull Draft bovines will be eligible to compete in our Bovine Performance Center Showcase Incentive Futurity in early 2024!


Draft Day & Celebration Party - August 17, 2024

LIVE Performance Preview of calves, complimentary dinner, and after party!


If you are already active in the bucking bull business, you can take your selected bull to your ranch or trainer of choice. On the other hand, we will offer an option where the bull you select in the Bull Draft can stay in our program for an additional monthly fee for training & care.


Competition prospects for the 2024 Bovine Performance Center Bull Draft will be a combination of American Heritage Nominated, ABBI Maiden Eligible, and proven money winning calves. The bucking bull competition industry paid out more than $7,000,000 in prize money in 2023! With the group of calves available for the 2024 Bull Draft, we feel you will have a chance to hit a home run with any draft position you select! We have teamed up with SUCCESSFUL breeding programs such as Flying High Rodeo Co, CO Cattle Co, Leflore Bucking Bulls, and Rafter Y Bucking Bulls, along with our own home raised calves to assemble the VERY BEST fifteen performance inclined and genetic enhanced calves for the 2024 Bovine Performance Center Bull Draft! 

Bull Draft Positions & Cost


Draft positions will open for purchase June 25, 2024. Spots will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Once you commit to a draft position, you will be responsible for submitting payment to Rafter KL Bovine Performance Center.


1. $30,000

2. $25,000

3. $20,000

4. $17,500 

5. $15,000 

6. $12,500

7. $10,000

8. $9,500

9. $9,000

10. $8,500

11. $8,000

12. $7,500

13. $7,000

14. $6,500

15. $6,000


For more information or to reserve you Draft Position in the  2024 Rafter KL Bovine Performance Center Bull Draft don't hesitate to give us a call!

Kyle Lippincott


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