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Bovine Performance Center (Competition)

Preparing a bovine athlete for competition at the highest level can take a lot of time and devotion, much less taking off work and traveling to events. That is exactly what we do, plus a whole lot more. We believe every calf is different and needs proper preparation and supplementation in order to not only reach his full performance potential, but remain on top of his game week in and week out. Rafter KL Bovine Performance Center takes pride in giving each calf exactly what they need in order to be competitive. We are a coach for these bovine athletes, and are willing to devote the time to each and every calf in order to be successful and win for you! 


We understand that each calf's nutrient requirements are different. The best quality feed, TwoBulls chelated mineral, and quality hay will ensure your bull stays fit for competition. 

TwoBulls Performance 

We only trust the best. Your competition calves will receive a specific supplementation regimen to ensure he remains on the top of his game and feels the best he can while remaining on the road!

Competition Preparation

Not every calf is the same. Some calves need warm up trips, practice trips, or dry runs. Our knowledge in fitting bulls for competition will ensure your calf is best prepared for competition. 

Weekly Updates

Transparency and communication is key to a successful operation. We pride ourselves in communication with bull owners weekly with updates, and event scheduling. We plan for what's not only best for the bull, what is best for you. 

Bovine Performance Center Monthly Cost

Feed, Supplement, Training 

Only the best for your calf. 


Competition Travel

No extra cost to you! 


Winnings Commission 


Sales Commission


Rafter KL Bovine Performance Center bills on the 1st of every month, with the first month up front. Winning percentages will be added to the following month's invoice. 

Contact Us

"We find the buckers"

Do you have a calf that can be competitive? Contact us today for availability!

Rafter KL Bovine Performance Center 
351587 E 1030 Rd

Prague, Oklahoma 74864

Kyle Lippincott
(620) 215-4028

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