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Yearling Bovine Academy

The Rafter KL Yearling Bovine Academy is designed for the established breeder, new breeders, or those that buy sets of unbucked calves and need them started. We have designed this program to lay the proper ground work on your calves! This 60 day all inclusive program will ensure that your calves have a handle, and have a general understanding of the process from quiet loading, chute procedure, and leaving the arena. We take pride in getting a handle on our calves, which helps them to understand that the human is not here to hurt them, but help them reach their full genetic potential to be athletes. You will be invited to the ranch at the conclusion of the Yearling Academy for a buck day BBQ, and witness first hand what your calves have learned over the course of the program, and see them in action.

At the end of the Yearling Bovine Academy, you will have the option to leave your future super stars in our Bovine Performance Program, and further the process in to getting competition ready! Yearling Bovine Academy graduates will receive a 20% discount off the Bovine Performance Center price, throughout the remainder of his yearling career. 


Your calf will learn the process of sorting one by one, how to respect a gate, and quiet loading to the bucking chute. Slowing down the process to ensure they understand what is going on. 


Nutrition is vital in a performance athlete. Your calves will be fed a premium feed ration, fertilized quality hay, and free choice TwoBulls chelated mineral. 

Chute Procedure

The process of standing quiet in the bucking chute. Being able to hang the dummy and set the flank. Leaving the chute clean is vital to an excellent trip every time the gate opens. Proper chute procedure also saves the calf's energy. 


You can expect your calf to have five (5) trips at the end of the 90 day Yearling Academy. Bringing your calf along slowly, but properly is vital in longevity, and understanding of what we expect in their performance. 

Yearling Bovine Academy Enrollment

"We find the buckers"



60 day price per calf

Let us do the work for you!



Chute Procedure 


Private Rafter KL Yearling Bovine Academy Facebook group. Videos, pictures, and daily updates posted to the group. Scheduled weekly video chat to show you the progress of your calves, live bucking, and collaboration. 

February 1 - March 29, 2025

Enrollment: December 1, 2024 - Until Full


Kyle Lippincott (620) 215-4028


"Sending our calves to get started at Rafter KL has been great. The excellent care, training, and communication from Kyle, along with current updates of events have been worthwhile. We plan on sending our calves down again!"

                                                                                Lorne High - Flying High Rodeo Company 

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